Mashup: web performance with raycasting

First, a confession: I always wanted to be a game developer.  My first programming failures were to try and make games in Turbo Pascal back in the late 80’s.  I was inspired again by Hunter Loftis’ post A first-person engine in 265 lines.  Using that as a foundation, I added maps and textures generated from Speedreport.  Without further ado, I give you Adventures In Web Performance!

Screenshot 2014-07-08 at 03.58.08 PM

The Speedreport script uses Apache Usergrid as a backend. There is a free public instance of Usergrid at, graciously hosted by my employer, Apigee.

To submit your site or app, just clone the Speedreport repo and follow the instructions to test your site.  Bug reports and pull requests are always welcome!

-ryan (@ryanbridges)